Home Improvement Throughout the Ages

Have you ever wondered how pioneer people worked on their log cabins when something went wrong? Are you curious about what you would have done if you were a peasant in the Middle Ages and your hovel collapsed? Do you want to know how people managed to survive in a world without modern power tools? You can learn all about it here, and we’ll also give you some idea of how you can apply these sorts of skills to your own homes if you’re interested.

Home improvement is as old as homes themselves, and they’ve been around since the beginning of human civilization. We’ll only be able to tell you so much about that, but we have more substantial records of how people worked on their homes in the early modern era and the modern era. There are plenty of people that are interested in going back to the basics when it comes to home improvement, and it doesn’t get more basic than that. Visitors can learn all about history here, and they can see all the ways in which they can learn from history.

The site is run by people with degrees in history and with a passion for the subject. We’ve gone back to the primary sources for a lot of our information, and plenty of our other sources are scholarly articles written by people that we knew personally. Some of our contributors have actually participated in programs that were all about showing people how people used to live, so we have about as much personal experience as anyone can have today. Some of our contributors have also worked for big outdoor museums like Plymouth Plantation where they played many of the local villagers, and they’re capable of writing like them and talking like them as well.

One of the great things about a lot of historical home improvement methods is the fact that they’re cheap and eco-friendly, which is not something you can say about a lot of the home improvement methods that people use today. On this website, we’ll show you how you can apply these methods to your own home, correcting for the differences between modern building materials and the old-fashioned ones. We can also show you quick fixes for various household problems that you may encounter. In the process, you’ll gain some insight into how the basic processes behind home improvement actually work, and you’ll learn some shortcuts that would have otherwise been lost to history.

Historical people didn’t have hardware stores down the street. They didn’t have home repairmen that could pay them a visit if something went wrong. They had to rely on each other or rely on their own skills in order to fix a problem that may have utterly destroyed their homes otherwise. Plenty of people that are enthusiastic about DIY repairs more or less want to be able to return to that state and learn how to be that skillful themselves. We have the knowledge to make that dream a reality for them.