French Toast Bread Pudding With Carmelized Bananas Recipe

This recipe for the way to generate baking french toast pudding with caramelized roasted bananas is influenced via the well-known dessert made available at Disney World’s Caribbean Seaside Vacation resort. Ensure you go through the whole post, considering that there are numerous delicious recipes included within this delicious french toast dessert.

Over-all Ingredients

3/4 banana, caramelized which has a sprinkling of brown sugar in addition to a pat of butter
four oz Bread Pudding (recipe beneath)
3 oz Carmel Sauce (recipe down below)
two oz French Toast batter (make use of your extremely individual favourite recipe)
two oz cinnamon sugar
four oz coconut ice cream


Soak the bread pudding inside the French Toast mixture. Deep fry the French Toast suitable up till it truly is a golden brown, after which set it in cinnamon sugar and slice it diagonally. Prepare the French Toast items decoratively over a serving plate. Garnish with all the caramelized bananas plus a scoop of coconut ice product. Drizzle as well as caramel sauce.

Bread Pudding Recipe

3/4 cup golden raisins
twelve oz one-day-old croissants (in line with the dimension of the croissants, chances are you’ll require 3 or four)
3 cups complete milk
3 significant eggs
two large egg yolks
3/4 cup white sugar
1 vanilla bean

Bread Pudding Instructions

Pre-heat the oven to 350 levels. Fill a cooking pan that has a half-inch of sizzling h2o and placed on the center holder of your respective very own oven. Inside of a different glass baking dish, distribute the raisins all over the foundation from the dish. Slice the croissants into thicker bits (all over a half-inch thick is ideal). Put the croissants in addition to the raisins.

Mix the milk, whole eggs, egg yolks and white sugar inside a large bowl. Using a paring knife, split the vanilla bean in 50 % lengthwise. Help you save 1/2 on the vanilla bean seeds within a plastic pouch for your following usage. Scrape the remaining beans from the bowl and throw-away the scraped-through vanilla bean fifty percent. Using an electrical mixer geared up in conjunction with a paddle attachment, whip the milk, whole eggs, egg yolks, white sugar and vanilla bean seeds on the medium-low speed for 1 or 2 minutes, right up until well-mixed too as frothy.

Pour the blend more than the croissants. In case virtually any croissants are protruding away from the combination, push on them using the again of the spoon to verify all points are properly immersed. Make it possible for the baking dish to stay to get a few minutes, normally urgent down about the croissants that has a table-spoon to resubmerge them inside the egg mixture, to permit the bread to soak from the dampness. In the event the croissants are soaked, cautiously set the glass baking plate during the water-filled cooking pot.

Bake right up until the croissants transform a golden brown coloration as well as the mixture is ready, about fifty minutes. Acquire absent the cooking pot and baking pot mix 1st away from the oven, then acquire out the baking pan of French toast. Put the baking pot around a cooling holder.

Provide the French toast heat. To prepare afterwards, allow for the French toast calm down totally and after that include up the dish coupled with plastic wrap. Put it while in the fridge for approximately 1 day. Heat the dish back up from the oven or maybe get ready it chilly.